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  • Details of the Educator,Details of the Collection,Attachments – Slides/PPT/PDF/Handwritten notes and Audio Recording

Details of Educator
Name, Age,Educational Background,Experience in Teaching,Credentials / Notability

What’s your motivation to teach on GreenRey Academy

Contact Number/Email

How to become a teacher

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Thank you for your interest in teaching for the GreenRey Academy. We are actively seeking to broaden and enrich our current class offerings to better serve the wants and needs of our community. There are a few conditions regarding instruction within our program that you should know before you make the decision on whether to pursue your application.
Teacher Credentials: Courses that are offered on a fee basis to the community require related instructor experience, but no formal teacher credentials (depending on type of class). However, all teachers are required by law to be fingerprinted and cleared by HR before the course commences.
There are many variations of courses in many areas , pls check the area which you will be applying and conducting classes